To those who are about to Spring Break, we salute you!

We are so excited about our new store! Joshua and his motley crew of friends have outdone themselves on the redesign. I couldn’t be happier! Anyhoo, with Spring Break upon us I wanted to ask everyone to tell their friends from out of town about us. I have noticed a shift in license plates lately from Ontario, Wisconsin, and New Jersey, to Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas! The Southeast really does party here! I am glad “THEY” do! Who are “THEY”; these people who look like us only…..pale-er? They come by the tens of thousands, like one of the Old Testament’s plagues, seemingly in perfect unison. “THEY” come from all over the country! “THEY” come to spend their time and money in our backyards and businesses. “THEY” come to play at our beaches and enjoy the plethora of activities offered. I should know, I was a “THEY” until last year! While on vacation here in 2012 we met so many friendly locals. They were so courteous and inviting. I am so glad that they were. Now that I am a local, I want to be courteous and friendly to our guests from out of town! I hope they fall in love with our little slice of paradise. The more, the merrier! Especially when it comes to our local economy. I have so many new friends that in some way or the other benefit financially from the tourists. From Bike rentals to vacation properties, our new friends are mostly connected to tourism. Our hopes are that everyone has their best year to date! And in the process show the “THEY”s what they are missing by not living here.

Lately we have made even more friends with Wendy’s Kitchen! Just this week wrote a great review about our concept! You can read it here when you get the chance! If you are looking for any activities for yourselves or an out of town guest, they have a wealth of ideas! Go check’em out!

In closing, I want to say thank you to everyone that has been furthering our project. Whether through our Kickstarter project or by sharing posts on Facebook, THANK YOU!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at Wendy’s Kitchen soon! Have a great weekend and go enjoy your favorite spot before “THEY” get here!




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