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Daily Special Menu for April 28 – May 2

Monday: Poppyseed Chicken with Rice, Green Beans, and Yeast Rolls

Tuesday: White Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish Rice, homemade salsa

Wednesday: Classic cheesy baked spaghetti with a side salad and homemade ciabatta bread

Thursday: Chicken and Dumplings, Green Beans, and Yeast Rolls

Friday: Smothered Camp Steaks with vegetables and yeast rolls

As always, please order by the day before to guarantee we will have your meal. We’ve fortunately been able to make enough extra each day to have plenty for last minute takers and will continue to increase production to help accommodate. Each regular meal serves 4-6 for $25. We can also make a small portion by request that feeds 2-3 for $17.
We offer delivery to some areas for $5 delivery fee.
To order, call 850-837-8837, order online, order on Facebook, or text 501-952-4610.


Daily Special menu for April 21-24

Monday: Chicken Spaghetti with Green Beans and Yeast Rolls

Tuesday: Pulled Chicken Tacos with Mexicorn and 10 oz homemade salsa (tacos come with tortillas and Santa Fe slaw as well)

Wednesday: Cheese Manicotti with meat sauce, side salad, mad homemade ciabatta bread

Thursday: Cranberry Chicken over a bed of rice, green beans, and yeast rolls

Friday: BBQ Meatballs, Creamy Mac & Cheese, and Coleslaw

Regular meal feeds 4-6 for $25. Small meal available by request to feed 2-3 for $17. Delivery available in the destin/miramar/and some areas of SRB. Place orders the day before to guarantee we will have your meal. Call 850-837-8837, email us at, message on Facebook, or text orders to 501-952-4610. You can also order online at this site.
Have a blessed Easter weekend!

Available in our cooler April 17

We have been cooking up a storm this week with the intention of having more of a selection for nightly dinners for those of us that need something quick but unplanned! We have several meals available in our cooler for tonight!
Here is what’s available as of this morning:
1 Classic Lasagna (feeds 6+, $20)
3 Pulled Pork entrees (comes with meat, buns, and BBQ sauce, feeds 4-6, $20)
4 Poppyseed Chicken with Rice entrees (feeds 4-6, $20)
Several Beef Enchilada meals (comes with Spanish rice and 10 oz homemade salsa, full meal to feed 4-6, $25)
Don’t forget, we offer delivery! $5 to Destin and parts of SRB.
Call us at 850-837-8837 to reserve your meal!

Daily Special Menu for April 14-18

We’ve been getting lots of requests for our menu so we are posting it a day early!

Monday: Classic Lasagna with Ciabatta bread

Tuesday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches with baked beans and cole slaw

Wednesday: Poppyseed Chicken with Rice, Green Beans, and Yeast rolls

Thursday: Beef Enchiladas with Spanish Rice and Homemade Salsa

Friday: Cajun Chicken Pasta with green beans and yeast rolls

Please continue to order by 3:00 the day before to guarantee your meal will be available.  We are going to try to increase production again this week so that we will have a few extra each day for last minute orders.  Meals feed 4-6 people and are $25 each.  We can make a small (serves 2-3, $17) by request but needs to be ordered the day before. 

We offer delivery for $5 fee to Destin and parts of SRB so call, text, or email us for details.  Please note Monday and Wednesday specials always sell out early so if you are interested in those, please order early!  Have a blessed weekend!

Daily Special Menu for April 7-11

Monday: Pulled Chicken Tacos with fixins (tortillas, lettuce, cheese), Spanish rice, and homemade salsa

Tuesday: Cheesy Baked Ziti with a side salad and homemade ciabatta bread

Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken and Roasted Potato Casserole with fresh veggies and garlic bread

Thursday: Smothered Camp Steaks (Hamburger steaks with potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, and bell peppers) and fresh yeast bread

Friday: Mexican Chicken Casserole with Mexicorn and homemade salsa

Each meal feeds 4-6 and is $25. Small option available to feed 2-3 for $17 by special order. Please place orders by 3:00 the day before to guarantee your meal. We plan to try to increase production significantly this week to have extras. Delivery available (email, text, or call for details) for $5.
Please note $5 lunch specials will be the same as dinner specials but sides may vary slightly from this menu. Lunch is available from 11-2 mon-fri.