In our coolers today, Friday, August 15

Here is a look at what’s available in our coolers for your weekend! I am also posting our freezer inventory in case anyone wants to stock up for our back to school week next week!
In the cooler:
Regular (4-6): 1 chicken enchilada meal, Stuffed bell pepper casserole meals, Cajun chicken pasta meals, 1 Swedish meatball meal
Small (2-3): 1 poppyseed chicken meal, 1 chicken enchilada meal, stuffed bell pepper casserole meals, Swedish meatball meals, Cajun chicken pasta meals
In the freezer (20% off):
Classic baked spaghetti, Cheesy manicotti, Cheesy Baked Ziti, Cranberry Chicken and Rice, Smothered camp steaks, breakfast casseroles
Small: cheesy baked ziti, cranberry chicken and rice, smothered camp steaks
Call 850-837-8837 to reserve!


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