Week of Oct 13 – Oct 17

Our weekly menu is posted below. We will be making a few slight pricing changes this week. As many of you have probably noticed, grocery costs have been steadily increasing. This has been true for us with our food buying as well. For example, our cost of ground beef has increased $.90/lb since we opened 7 months ago. Dairy across the board has increased substantially and now vegetables and dry goods are following suit. We’ve held off increasing our prices as long as we could and have not increased our local/military meal prices since I was cooking from my home with no overhead. After intense deliberation and as a result of the rising costs, our regular meal price will increase $5 and small meals will increase $3. We will continue to offer the same local discount as before. You can find more pricing information on our Menu page. As an additional local/military discount, we are going to be offering our punch cards for sale at our old prices ($25/large meal – 5 meals for $125). These punch cards will be available for purchase for the remainder of the month of October and must be used within 60 days. I can’t explain how much we appreciate each and every one of you and we thank you so much for your business and support. We hope to be able to be around to cook for you and help you provide “home-cooked” meals for your family for years to come!
Daily Special Menu for October 13-October 17

Monday: Chicken and Dumplings, Green Beans, and Yeast Rolls

Tuesday: Smothered Camp Steaks (aka Hobo Hamburger Packets), Side Salad, and Yeast Rolls

Wednesday: Classic Baked Spaghetti, Side Salad, and Garlic Bread

Thursday: Cranberry Chicken and Rice, Green Beans, and Yeast Rolls

Friday: Chicken Nacho Casserole, Mexicorn, and Homemade Salsa

To reserve your meal, call us at 850-837-8837 or order through our website at http://www.wendyskitchentogo.com or you can order by commenting or private messaging us on Facebook. Please order your meal the day before for guaranteed availability but as always, we will make plenty of extra!
Our meals come in regular size (feeds 4-6, $35) and small size (feeds 2-3, $23). We offer delivery ($5 delivery fee) to the Destin, Miramar and SRB areas. Please call or email us for exact delivery areas and availability.
Remember, we do make special orders by request as well as offering full size desserts by request. Call us for details.
Have a blessed week!


2 thoughts on “Week of Oct 13 – Oct 17

  1. Kim Farrah

    I would like to order Mon-Thurs large orders to be delivered. Kim Farrah 420-1215
    4073 Indian bayou north, Destin


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