On our menu today…

It’s Classic Lasagna day!! It’s been several weeks since we had this lasagna and I’ve had so many requests for it in the last couple weeks that we doubled our normal volume! Our Classic Lasagna is made with our homemade meat sauce that simmers for several hours! It comes with a side salad and our homemade ciabatta bread. We still have plenty so post, message, or call us with your order!!We also have a few Beef Enchilada meals available as well as a few Chicken Enchilada meals as we had a special order so we made a few extra pans. 

Today we will be working on the Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole, a holiday favorite we put on the menu to celebrate the beginning of fall! 

Please don’t forget we will be closing early this Friday (around 3:00) for a special event. We will have Friday’s meal, the Buffalo Chicken and Roasted Potato Casserole ready on Thursday for those of you that would be unable to get it in time Friday afternoon.

Hope you’re having a blessed week! Call us at 850-837-8837 for more information or to reserve!


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